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  3. Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival Co-sponsored Program Setagaya Kick-off Concert: The Japanese Spirit, Ring of Peace

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Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival Co-sponsored Program Setagaya Kick-off Concert: The Japanese Spirit, Ring of Peace

Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival Co-sponsored Program Setagaya Kick-off Concert: The Japanese Spirit, Ring of Peace Children under 3 may not enter Canceled due to COVID-19

Sunday, July 5, 2020Performance begins at 3:00 P.M.
Showa Women’s University, Hitomi Memorial Hall Access Map
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Address: 1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

By train: Take the Den-en Toshi Line and get off at ‘Sangenjaya’, 7 min walk.

A delightful music festival in which top-class artists with connections to Setagaya will gather to provide excitement along with musical organizations from within the city!
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are finally about to begin. The event that we’ve all waited for is not only a festival of sports, but also of culture.
With the world’s attention focused on Japan, Setagaya will promote the charms of Japanese music to the world… the traditional culture of Japan, from Japanese taiko (drum) to shamisen (string instrument) and hichiriki (wind instrument)!
Top-class artists with connections to Setagaya will provide excitement along with musical organizations from within the city.

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Akira Miyagawa (composer and stage musician) profile
Eitetsu Hayashi (taiko drummer) profile
EITETSU FU-Un no Kai (taiko drummers) profile
Hidetaro Honjo (shamisen player and composer) profile
Hideki Togi (ancient Japanese court musician) profile
Eric Miyashiro (trumpeter) profile
Eriko Nakamura (voice actor) profile
VOJA-tension profile
The Symphony Band of Komazawa University profile
Setagaya Drum School
Kick-off Special Choir profile

Main Program

♪The Awesome World of Japanese Drums: Eitetsu Hayashi and EITETSU FU-Un no Kai
The sound of Japanese drums charm people in Japan, as well as throughout the world. Enjoy a moment of immersing yourself in the beat that will reverberate through your body.

♪Celebratory Music Performed on a Shamisen: The Hidetaro Honjo Troupe
Japanese music has been influenced by the music of various countries. Experience the freedom of shamisen music.

♪Let the Singing of the Choir Reach Out to Your Heart: Kick-off Special Choir
Setagaya City will host American athletes. People will sing American gospel music from the bottom of their hearts!

♪A Gorgeous Jazz Stage: Eric Miyashiro and The Symphony Band of Komazawa University
Enjoy lively music performed by the world-famous trumpeter and the talented brass band with a history dating back to 1962!

♪Fusing the Traditional with the Contemporary through the Sound of Hichiriki: Hideki Togi
Traditional Japanese music is often seen as being overly formal. How about enjoying it for a change? It will dramatically expand your horizons.

♪Three Years of Hard Training!: Setagaya Drum School
This group of taiko drummers was formed in December 2018, and the children have been training hard for this day.

♪Aiming for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Ring of Peace
The new song written by Akira Miyagawa, the artistic director of this event, will be sung by all the performers.

Admission fees

General S seats: 5,000 yen / A seats: 3,500 yen
Setagaya Arts Card and Setagaya Public Theatre Club members : S seats: 4,500 yen / A seats: 3,000 yen (advance sales only)
*Reserved seats only / Includes consumption tax
*Children under 3 may not enter
*Wheelchair spaces available (limited / reservations required)
Fee: 3,150 yen with free admission for one escort
Call the Setagaya Public Theatre Ticket Centre (03-5432-1515) by 7:00 P.M. on the day before the performance.
*S seats have been available since “Setagaya Ongaku Tsushin Vol. 18 (March 2 Issue)”

Start of sales

Friday, April 3, 2020


Akira Miyakawa, Artistic Director (composer and stage musician)

He debuted through music that he wrote for the Shiki Theatre Company and shows at Tokyo Disneyland while he was at the Tokyo University of the Arts. He currently composes and arranges music, in addition to performing throughout the country based on his philosophy that “concerts are shows.”
His representative works include, “One Man’s Dream,” “Matsuken Samba II,” “Kaze no Olivastro,” NHK’s “Quintet” and the morning drama series, “Hiyokko.” He has also released numerous works of brass music, including “Fun, Fun, Fantastico!” “Millaie,” “Symphonic Mambo No. 5” and “A Street Car Named Desire.” He has been Special Producer of the Setagaya Arts Foundation since April 2014.

Eitetsu Hayashi (taiko drummer)

He began his career as a taiko drummer in 1982. He debuted in 1984 as the first taiko soloist at Carnegie Hall, where he won high international acclaim. Since then, he has performed with artists and orchestras all over the world, spanning different genres, being the first person to promote Japanese taiko throughout Japan and the world. He has been expanding into different fields in his effort to create new taiko music. He received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in 1997, and the Matsuo Performing Arts Award in 2017.

EITETSU FU-Un no Kai (taiko drummers)

Top young taiko drummers active in Japan who resonate with Eitetsu Hayashi’s music make up this unit. In addition to performing as ensemble members at Eitetsu Hayashi’s concerts, they engage in their own original performances. They are the next generation of talented drummers. EITETSU FU-Un no Kai also performs solo acts domestically and internationally, and they have won great critical acclaim for their awesome live performances. Four members of the ensemble will perform for this event; Shuichiro Ueda, Mikita Hase, Makoto Tashiro and Tasuku Tsuji.

Hidetaro Honjo (shamisen player and composer)

He established his “Honjo-style” in 1971. He has transcribed and discovered short hauta love songs, minyo folk songs and forms of folk entertainment, and composed numerous new hauta. He also engages actively in producing CDs and performing overseas. Based on classic and folk music, he created risogaku, a new, contemporary style of traditional shamisen music. Between 2008 and 2013, he took part in producing and performing the music for “Shunkin” starring Simon McBurney, known as a genius in the world of theater, in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. His book, “Hidetaro Honjo: Shamisen Katari,” was published by Tankosha. He was awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal in 2007.

Hideki Togi (ancient Japanese court musician)

He is an ancient Japanese court musician who has devoted himself to original performances making use of the unique characteristics of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) instruments. Gagaku has been passed down through the generations of the Togi family for 1,300 years, since the Nara period, and during the time he performed for the Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency, he played mainly the hichikiri (wind instrument), along with the biwa (lute), taiko (drum) and cello, and also sang and danced. He performs in court rituals and gagaku concerts at the Imperial Palace, and also overseas, engaging in active exchanges with artists from other fields.

Eric Miyashiro (trumpeter)

He was born and raised in Hawaii, blessed with an ideal musical environment with an American father who was a professional trumpeter, and a Japanese mother who was a dancer and an actress. He began his professional career when he was at middle school, and won a scholarship to study at the Berkelee College of Music in Boston. He came to Japan in 1989. He engages in extensive work ranging from involvement in brass bands to orchestras, composing, arranging, producing, etc. He has also appeared in numerous TV programs, including “Untitled Concert.” In 2013, he became the leader and musical director of “Blue Note Tokyo All Star Jazz Orchestra.”

Eriko Nakamura (voice actor)

She comes from Kanagawa Prefecture. She works as a voice actor, MC and radio personality. Her main works include “THE IDOLM@STER (Amami Haruka), Caligula (Mirei), and Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and 2202 Series (Mikage Kiryu), as well as numerous other animes and games. She also has numerous radio programs, and her recent programs include, “Nakamura-ken Chienowa-shi” and “Honkaku Zatsudan Kuchi-wo Hiraku.” Moreover, she takes part in numerous public discussions and public recitations. She has been the Tokushima Anime Ambassador since 2014.


This vocal unit is a spin-off from The Voices of Japan, a chorus group centered on the legendary Japanese gospel singer, Yuka Kamebuchi, formed to sing mainly gospel music. They not only sing gospel, but their songs span a variety of genres sung through unique vocal work. They debuted through King Records in November 2016, and provided the backing vocals for Yoshio Inoue, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc., in addition to performing on TV and radio programs, commercials, concerts, etc., throughout the country.

The Symphony Band of Komazawa University

The band was formed in 1962, and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012. Since the establishment of the band, their guiding philosophy has been “To be sincere, modest and passionate at all times.” They strive daily to hone their skills as people, members of society, and in aiming to create music that reaches out to people’s hearts. Their activities center on summer concerts held in June, and regular concerts held in December every year, but they also engage extensively in other activities as a marching band, giving performances upon request and making visits to give on-site performances.

Setagaya Drum School

This initiative began in December 2018 as a project to offer an unforgettable musical experience to the children of Setagaya City. Eitetsu Hayashi is the school principal, and Makoto Tashiro and Tasuku Tsuji of EITETSU FU-Un no Kai also take part as instructors. The 55 members with a passion for Japanese taiko have been honing their skills through friendly rivalry. Following their appearance in the 2020 Countdown Concert: Music Festival “Harmony” in Setagaya in August 2019, they will put on a powerful drum performance as the climax of the project.

Kick-off Special Choir

This is a special one-off choir made up of local citizens who applied for participation.
The members all have a love of music, and a passionate desire to put on an energetic performance!


Setagaya Arts Foundation Music Project Department


City of Setagaya
The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Setagaya City Board of Education
Showa Women’s University, Hitomi Memorial Hall


Tama Art University
Komazawa University
Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts, Showa Women’s University