2. The 6th Setagaya Art Award “HISHOU”
    Accepting entries for new types of concerts!

The 6th Setagaya Art Award “HISHOU”
Accepting entries for new types of concerts!

City of Setagaya and Setagaya Arts Foundation gives out art awards in the five sections of “design,” “theater,” “music,” “art” and “literature” in the Setagaya Art Award “HISHOU,” with the aim of supporting the variety of cultural and artistic activities of young artists.
The Music Project Department is accepting entries for the Music Section. Those who wish to apply are asked to read the leaflet (PDF) on how to apply, and send the necessary materials by post or bring them to the office.
The Music Section will give out 500,000 yen in prize money to the winner, and hold an award commemoration performance (concert) at Theatre Tram.
【Application deadline】Thursday, October 10, 2019 (postmark deadline)

Application Details

Performances that can be held at Theatre Tram
(November 2020 award commemoration performance (concert))

●The proposed concert must promote the charms of music, offer ideas on, e.g., how to appreciate music, and be highly original.
●The planner and performer(s) may be different people, in which case the details of the performer(s) must also be given in the proposal.
●The proposed concert must be of a scale suitable for Theatre Tram , and the method of performance must be original, reaching out to people of the next generation.

Application Eligibility

Individuals or groups who have the will or ambition to engage in sustained cultural or artistic activities in the future, and who satisfy all of the following five criteria:

1. Those applying on their own behalf.
2. In the case of an individual, the applicant must be 15 to 35 years of age (inclusive) as of April 2, 2019. In the case of a group with two or more members, the representative must be 15 to 35 years of age (inclusive) as of April 2, 2019.
3. Those who have not already been awarded the prize in the past.
4. Those who are able to give an award commemoration performance (concert) of the winning proposal should they be awarded the prize, in November 2020 at .Theatre Tram, upon negotiating with the Music Project Department. They must also cooperate in making preparations.
5.Those who are not under the control of crime syndicates (as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 [Article 55 of the Setagaya Ordinances enacted in December 2012] of the Setagaya Ordinances on Promoting Activities to Exclude Organized Crime Syndicates) or members of crime syndicates (including groups affiliated with crime syndicates).

How to Apply

Send the necessary materials by post to Setagaya Arts Foundation Music Project Department or bring them to the office.
*Note that submitted materials will not be returned.
●Application deadline: Thursday, October 10, 2019 (postmark deadline)
●Send applications to:
Person in charge of Awards, Setagaya Arts Foundation Music Project Department, 5F Carrot Tower, 4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0004

Materials to Submit

Application form: A4 size (Excel file) (download it, fill it out and affix a seal)
●Proposal regarding the concert: A4 size (format free)
Planned budget for concert: A4 size (Excel file) (download it, fill it out and affix a seal)
◇Audio or video material to explain or supplement the proposal: CD or DVD (two sets)
 *They must be in a format that can be played on equipment other than what they were made on. *Submission of these materials is not mandatory.
◇Other supplementary materials: Leaflets of other concerts held in the past, photos, etc. (two sets)
 *Submission of these materials is not mandatory.

Selection Method
◆Primary screening

●Screening and selection by the Music Project Department.
(Applicants may be interviewed. Around 30 minutes sometime between Tuesday, November 5 and Saturday, November 9, 2019)

●Screening and selection by the Music Project Department and external judges.

Akira Inoue (music composer and arranger, keyboardist)

He is known for Akira Terao’s “Ruby Ring,” and hit songs for Eiichi Otaki and Masaharu Fukuyama, among others. He has released songs spanning different genres, and gives live performances as a sensitive and sharp music composer and arranger. He has presided over the El Cant dels Ocells project since 2012. He has published a book titled, “Boku-no Oto, Boku-no Niwa (My Sound, My Garden).” In 2017, he released his 14th solo album, “OSTINATO,” at the same time as “Seeing” and “Believing,” which he composed and arranged. In December 2018, he released “OSTINATISSIMA” consisting of three instrumentals.
Official Site

Hideki Togi (“gagaku” musician)

Hideki Togi was born in Tokyo in 1959. The Togi family has a tradition of “gagaku (ancient Japanese court music),” which can be traced back to the Nara period 1,300 years ago. Due to his father’s job, Hideki spent his childhood abroad and grew up surrounded by various kinds of music. While he worked for the Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency, his main focus was the “hichiriki (Japanese wind instrument),” but he was also in charge of playing the “biwa (Japanese lute),” various types of drums, singing, dancing and cello. He not only took part in ceremonies at the Imperial Palace and “gagaku” concerts, but also participated in overseas performances, playing an important role in introducing traditional Japanese culture and cultivating international goodwill. He debuted in 1996 with his album, “Togi Hideki.” He channels his passion into original performances to bring out the inherent characteristics of “gagaku” instruments. In August 2018, he released “Hichiriki Cinema,” an album of the soundtracks of movies that were huge hits in Japan and overseas, including “On My Own” from “Les Miserables,” and “Gondola no Uta (The Gondola Song)” from the movie, “Ikiru (To Live),” directed by Akira Kurosawa.

◆Final screening

●Screening and selection by the Setagaya Art Award Screening Committee

Chairperson: Taeko Nagai, Chairman, Setagaya Arts Foundation
Committee member: Mansai Nomura, Artistic Director, Setagaya Public Theatre
Committee member: Shinichiro Ikebe, Music Director, Music Project Department
Committee member: Tadayasu Sakai, Director, Setagaya Art Museum
Committee member: Akimasa Kanno, Director, Setagaya Literary Museum
Committee member: Atsushi Okada, Deputy Mayor, Setagaya City

Notification of Selection Results

●Primary screening results: Notification via post by Saturday, November 30, 2019.
●Final screening results: Notification via post by late-December 2019.

Award and Prize Money

●Music Section of the Setagaya Art Award “HISHOU”: One winner (as a general rule) .
●Prize money: 500,000 yen.

Award-Giving Ceremony

Planned for around late-January to February 2020.
To be held in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.The winner shall be obliged to attend.

Opening Ceremony for the Award Commemoration Performance

Planned for October 2020.
To be held in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.Introduction of the winner and winning concert.

Award Commemoration Performance (Concert)

Planned for sometime between Thursday, November 12 and Sunday, November 15, 2020.
The award winner(s) will perform the award-winning concert at Theatre Tram.
Preparation, rehearsal and concert dates shall be decided upon negotiation within the designated period. In holding the concert, the Music Project Department shall pay for the cost of using the venue, using all incidental facilities, providing a venue guide, etc., and cooperate in promoting the event.