2. A Request for Visitors to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

A Request for Visitors to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In resuming performances, the Setagaya Arts Foundation Music Project Department will implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We regret the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding and cooperation (revised on November 11, 2021)

[Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19]

■ Regarding Sales of Tickets
Tickets may only be purchased by phone or online (until the day before the performance). They will not be sold or issued over the Ticket Center counter. Payments are to be made over the counter at 7-Eleven or online via credit card. Tickets will only be issued through 7-Eleven ticket terminals (handling fee of 110 yen per ticket). Tickets may be sold on the day at the venue depending on the program.

■ Disinfection and Ventilation
We will bolster our efforts to ensure adequate disinfection and ventilation.

■ Cooperation with the Public Health Center
Your contact information may be disclosed to public institutions, such as your local health center, in order to prevent the spread of infection.

[A Request for Visitors to the Venue]

■ Wearing Masks
Visitors are asked to wear their masks in the proper manner. Staff will wear masks, as well as gloves when necessary (non-woven fabric masks are recommended).

■ Taking Temperature Readings and Restricting Entry
Temperature readings will be taken when you come to the venue. Please understand that more time will therefore be required than usual to enter the venue. Furthermore, visitors who fit any of the descriptions below are to refrain from entering.
- Those with temperatures in excess of 37.5℃, a cough or feeling of fatigue, abnormalities with their senses of taste or smell, or a general sensation of not being well.
- Those who have been in close contact with others who have tested positive for COVID-19.
- Those who have visited countries or regions designated by the government for restrictions on entry, or as requiring a period of observation, as well as those who have been in close contact with such people within the last two weeks.

■ Washing and Disinfecting Hands
Efforts have been bolstered to disinfect various places around the venue. Visitors are asked to disinfect their hands, wash them regularly, and observe cough etiquette.

■ Beware of Crowding
Please maintain adequate social distancing around the entrance, lobby, passageways and restrooms, and avoid congestion. Visitors are also asked to remain quietly seated as much as possible before the start of performances and during intermissions.

■ Refraining from Talking as Much as Possible
Visitors are asked to refrain from talking inside the venue or lobby. Never talk loudly inside the venue.

■ Tearing Tickets
As a general rule, visitors will be asked to tear off their own tickets.

■ Prohibiting Visits and Handing of Gifts
Visitors may not meet performers in person or hand them gifts. Please refrain from bringing such materials to the venue.

■ When Entering and Leaving the Venue
Visitors may be asked to enter or leave the venue in small groups to avoid congestion.

*These measures will be implemented as required at every venue and according to the conditions at the time.